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The process of examining your own financial & personal situation, defining realistic short-term and long-term financial objectives & developing & implementing strategies for reaching those objectives.

How Important is Your Income?

  • Your ability to earn an income is your primary financial contribution to your family.
  • Your income secures a comfortable standard of living for them today and for you tomorrow.
  • Premature death, disability, critical illness and old age will destroy your earning power.
  • When you cannot go to work, you must have a sufficient fund of dollars to put to work to replace your income.

What Would Happen to Your Family if You Died Prematurely?

  • How will you guarantee them food, clothing and shelter?
  • What about the mortgage or rent payments?
  • How will they pay for last expenses and fees?
  • What about your outstanding debts and liabilities?
  • How will you guarantee your children's future through a good education?
  • How long could your family survive without the bills being paid and a regular source of income?
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