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What Are Your Available Options?

Unplanned Choices for the Non-Insured

  • Your family could re-mortgage or move.
  • They could collapse their savings program.
  • You could deny your children an education.
  • They could rely on family, charity or welfare.
  • They might borrow money if they could find a willing lender.
  • They could drastically reduce their standard of living.

The Insured Solution

  • Pays a tax free lump sum amount to your family at their worst moment of crisis.
  • You create needed dollars tomorrow for only pennies today.
  • Your family can choose where to direct the money:
    • Pay off the immediate bills
    • Eliminate the mortgage
    • Invest for a continuing source of income
    • Put aside for the children's education

Is this what you want for them?

Provide your family financial peace of mind.

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