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Sales Manager (Insurance & Investment)

Financial Advisor / Insurance Broker

Setting The Pace

Since 1994, FSE FINANCIAL GROUP INC. has been offering innovative financial programs to provide security to Canadian families. In association with our partner companies FSE FINANCIAL GROUP INC. offers a competitive portfolio of superior products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Marketing of our much needed products is achieved through highly-skilled brokers. To someone whose aspirations demand an independent life-style, excellent earning potential and a sense of doing something worthwhile, a marketing career at FSE FINANCIAL GROUP INC. offers that opportunity.

Is It For You?

Choosing a career is an important and sometimes difficult decision.
There are several basic questions you’ll need answers to:

Our selection process is designed to answer these questions for you.
It is also designed to make sure that the decision you reach is right for both you and FSE FINANCIAL GROUP.
Our selection criteria are tough. You have to demonstrate the desire, willingness and ability we know you will need to succeed — before you start as our representative.

What We Can Offer You?

    Nobody is better able than FSE FINANCIAL GROUP to give you the necessary knowledge of life insurance and to teach you the necessary skills to get that knowledge across to a prospective client.
    Our development programs are intensive and on-going and provide a balance of study, audiovisual training and practical field experience that lets you earn as you learn.
    Even when you are established — FSE FINANCIAL GROUP provides continuing educational opportunities. This is a career in which constant growth is possible. You will be encouraged to develop to your full potential. F.S.E. FINANCIAL GROUP is committed to continuing professional development encouraging agents through our Financial Participation Program.
    Linked with our own educational programs is an industry program leading to the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation — letters you will wear proudly after your name and which are recognized internationally as the measure of a professional in our field.

    Our partners innovative, interest sensitive individual plans and group coverages for small business have enabled our brokers to meet any need their clients have with a flexible and attractive solution. FSE FINANCIAL GROUP is dedicated to providing Consumer Accountable, Value Added products. We are the Pacesetters.

    At FSE FINANCIAL GROUP we believe that professionals should be allowed to build their own profitable business. To a professional who provides solutions to problems, and is not just a salesperson, we offer an opportunity that has no limits.
    The contract you have with FSE FINANCIAL GROUP reflects this opportunity.
    At the same time we provide our brokers with a comprehensive benefit package.

    Our products are backed by professionally developed sales systems and explanatory literature, visual presentations, and readable policies.
    We also provide a comprehensive package of support and promotional programs including:

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE growth and success go hand in hand with a career at FSE FINANCIAL GROUP. It’s a way of life — a very good way of life.
As with any new business, you will work hard to get established, but the rewards are many.
Through our commitment to our brokers, we are constantly updating and improving our training and sales support programs in order to maximize each broker’s potential. We intend to continue to offer the best products and to have the best brokers we can and that’s good news for everyone.

To arrange an appointment to explore a career with FSE FINANCIAL GROUP phone us
at: (403) 253-7007 .

A dedication to excellence is one of the hallmarks of F.S.E. FINANCIAL GROUP’s success.
F.S.E. FINANCIAL GROUP — a quality company with quality people — dedicated to excellence.